Nike — Make your Mark invites you to create a shoe with your very own sole: as unique as you are, with your design DNA. With every step you take it will make your mark on earth, on a pavement on a rainy day, in snow, in mud, in sand, in concrete, in dust. Wherever you go, wherever you stand. Stand out. Step forward. Make your steps yours and yours alone. Who knows where they will take you – or others.

Client: Self initiated
Agency: Self initiated
Concept/Idea: Jo Van Grinderbeek
3D: Joachim Wasteels
Copy: Gerrit Janssens

Despite what most want to make you believe, life is not about taking those huge steps that will change everything at once. The collection of steps you take, every day, unconsciously, is what creates your unique direction. It’s who you are, and where you are.