Love Beer — Discover Europe’s best beers and food pairing tips.

Client: Brewers of Europe
Agency: Prophets
Role: Lead Designer
State: Concept

The functionality of the app is double: nutritional information and food pairing tips. However, the point of access is always the same: you start with the beer that you want to discover. This can be done through: A textuel search (you type in a keyword), which is of great use when drinking in a restaurant or bar. Or by using the smartphone’s camera to scan the label, which is useful when facing a bottle, for instance in retail or at home.

There is also the possibility to search beers with food, instead of food with beer. Scanning a Dutch beer in a supermarket in Amsterdam in winter, will get him all nutritional information about the beer and food tips for matching the beer to ingredients and meals that fit. The food matching tips will be linked to the season, and the country where the user is.