Optimizing the Telenet
in-store retail experience.

Client: Telenet      Agency: Wunderman Thompson Antwerp     Role: Concept

What consumers really want is a consistent experience with a retailer across channels, personalized on their terms. The future success is not about online versus stores, but finding better ways to integrate experience that creates enduring customer relationships across channels.


Today’s buyers expect speed and convenience when they shop and are quick to switch brands if their experience falls short.

Customer service

Nothing beats interacting with knowledgeable store associates.

What’s the one thing that people can’t get from online pure-plays? Face-to-face customer service. Sure, online reviews and live chat can give shoppers information to help them make a purchase decision, but nothing beats interacting with knowledgeable store associates who genuinely want to help. Therefore we introduced #asktelenet. It’s purpose is to provide concierge-style support for customers of Telenet products. The message #asktelenet is located on key places inside the store and reminds customers that they can ask any product related question anytime.

The experience

Retailtainment is all about enhancing the shopping experience.

Retailtainment is all about fusing retail and entertainment to enhance the shopping experience. With easy snackable content we try to enlight the waiting time of customers on an enjoyable manner. This snackable content will be shown on narrow castings or in magazines around the store. This content can be entertaining like movie trailers or snippets out of different series, but they can also be educational. Instead of pushing products, a better way to grab attention of customers is by showing what you can do with those products.


 Our perception of how much time has passed is not objective. If we are frustrated, one minute turns into five minutes.