Your content on the go.
Whenever, wherever.

Client: Telenet      Agency: Wunderman Thompson Antwerp     Role: Concept

YUGO is Telenet’s offer for the millenials and digital savvies that are constantly switching between screens and platforms for their entertainment. As part of this product launch we created interactive shopping windows for two of their main flagship stores. The installation translates in physical form what the product stands for. Whatever screen you are watching your content moves along with you, wherever you go.


When content follows people’s movements like that, people really notice it and it captures their attention.



The benefits of installing interactive displays are many, but ultimately it all boils down to them being a fun, new way to engage with your audience.

At a time when customers tend to browse online rather than head to a physical shop, it’s a real obstacle for retailers to tempt shoppers into store. But interactive window displays have the power to draw crowds, all intrigued by the technology. Once they’re outside the store, excited by what they’ve experienced, it makes sense that they’ll want to step inside and see what’s in store.