Make Your Mark

Client: Self initiated      Agency: Self initiated     Role: Concept

Make your Mark — invites you to create a shoe with your very own sole: as unique as you are, with your design DNA. With every step you take it will make your mark on earth, on a pavement on a rainy day, in snow, in mud, in sand, in concrete, in dust. Wherever you go, wherever you stand. Stand out. Step forward. Make your steps yours and yours alone. Who knows where they will take you – or others.


Gen Z seeks uniqueness in all walks of life.

Simply bragging that they’re able to afford a certain brand isn’t as interesting to today’s teens as showing off their individual personality.

Brands have given customers the ability to customise and personalise their shoes for more than a decade. But still at this time Adidas, Nike, and other sportswear companies limit (fashion) footwear customisation to color and material. As far as personal branding goes we didn’t progress that much in the past ten years. On the other side, creating customized shoes based on an individual’s footprint – including their running style, foot shape, performance needs and personal preferences is getting pretty common in performance footwear. When you combine both, personal branding techniques combined with customization of shoe soles, you reach a new north star for the industry