Mobile experience for The Cultivist,
world’s only global arts club.

Client: The Cultivist      Agency: Self initiated     Role: Concept

The Cultivist is the world’s only global arts club offering uniquely privileged access to every aspect of the art world, ensuring your journey through art is always effortless and enriching. Through personal service and tailored, educational experiences, they help you deepen your appreciation of the art that matters most to you.


This app concept is based on 4 key moments in the user experience. Each moment has its own unique features.

Everyday →

Whenever the application is randomly openend, without the intention of planning a specific trip. For example: discovering what the app has to offer or learning if there are any events nearby.

Functionality preview

  • Discover weekly or monthly lists of events. This functionality can also work in combination with email marketing.
  • Just browse through artwork (without extra details. This is purely for inspiration.)Discover museums and events by browsing through a gallery of artwork. (When you click on piece of art, you see the museum behind it.)
  • Discover events and museums based on your location, time or just be surprised. (The app suggests what could be interesting for you with custom notifications.)

Before the visit →

Browse events and museums with the intention to plan a trip.

Functionality preview

  • Plan a trip by adding museums or events to your private wishlist.
  • Indicate must-sees (artwork) and let the app point you in the right direction (spoken or visually).
  • Detailed information on the museum/event through text, audio or video. (Virtual walkthrough the museum.)
  • Special request form directly communicated to the museum.

During the visit →

Bring a second dimension to your trip. Location-based & interactive features like video, audio, text, AR.

Functionality preview

  • Route suggestion by must-sees or interests. Data, favorites, search history and others will be used to compose this route.
  • Detailed information about the artwork or artist based on your location in the museum, or at the event — by text, audio or video.
  • Receive more information by taking a picture of the artwork (via image recognition.)
  • Surprise me: the app suggests something that is out of your comfort zone.

After the visit →

Everything to relive the best moments in your cultural past.

Functionality preview

  • Journal: this shows your timeline of past visits, artwork you added to your favorites and pictures you took.
  • Assemble your own museum (based on the artwork you favorited.)
  • Relive the moment. (App makes an animation with your favorite artwork and pictures.)
  • Share with other Cultivist members.